The Call to Prayer


For the haunting cacophony of multiple calls:


For the stark beauty of a single voice, calling out:


An Order Muppet in a Chaos Muppet World

Earlier this year, journalist Dahlia Lithwick wrote an essay on the how the world is populated by Chaos Muppets and Order Muppets, and how to tell which one you might be. Here’s an excerpt:

Every once in a while, an idea comes along that changes the way we all look at ourselves forever. […] The same thing is true of Muppet Theory, a little-known, poorly understood philosophy that holds that every living human can be classified according to one simple metric: Every one of us is either a Chaos Muppet or an Order Muppet. Chaos Muppets are out-of-control, emotional, volatile. They tend toward the blue and fuzzy. They make their way through life in a swirling maelstrom of food crumbs, small flaming objects, and the letter C. Cookie Monster, Ernie, Grover, Gonzo, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and—paradigmatically—Animal, are all Chaos Muppets. Zelda Fitzgerald was a Chaos Muppet. So, I must tell you, is Justice Stephen Breyer. Order Muppets—and I’m thinking about Bert, Scooter, Sam the Eagle, Kermit the Frog, and the blue guy who is perennially harassed by Grover at restaurants (the Order Muppet Everyman)—tend to be neurotic, highly regimented, averse to surprises and may sport monstrously large eyebrows. They sometimes resent the responsibility of the world weighing on their felt shoulders, but they secretly revel in the knowledge that they keep the show running. Your first grade teacher was probably an Order Muppet. So is Chief Justice John Roberts.

(I strongly recommend reading the whole article.)

It’s not an outrageous assertion that in the world of this play, Musa — our Iraqi translator with a dark past — is a survivor, an Order Muppet surrounded by Chaos Muppets at every turn.

The Actors Can Look Forward To…

The High and Tight

The high and tight is frequently worn in the military, particularly in the Marine Corps. The sides and back are extremely short, either clipped almost to the skin or shaved with a razor all the way up to the crown of the head. The top is usually worn very short (usually 1/4 inch or shorter, though some guys wear the very front part a little longer) and on the forward part of the head. There is minimal blending between the sides and the top; the amount of blending varies by preference.

A Place Out of Space & Time

Sc.8: A bombed out building, half standing, in the middle of the desert, south of Baghdad. The middle of the night. The place is ghostly, ethereal, haunted. 

Sc.9: The same place, the bombed out building, half standing, in the middle of the desert, south of Baghdad. However, there is daylight, the place is less ghostly. …A strange woman in a tattered black shroud hobbles on to the stage.