Death Heads

Here you can see a photo of Uday, Saddam, and Qusay Hussein is happier (more alive) days:

And here are the brothers, known to be sworn rivals. (Uday is on the left.) Nice sweater.

On July 22, 2003, US troops surrounded the manse in which Uday and Qusay were hiding, located in the city of Mosul. After a 6 hour battle that included 200+ troops and air support, the bombed shell of the estate was searched, and their bodies were discovered. The US government made the death and autopsy photos widely available, and they were published in many sources at home and abroad. The photos are disturbing, but given their relevance to the play, I am providing access here, after the jump. Click the “Continue Reading” tab to see them.

Warning: Graphic Images!

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