From the Troops’ Point of View

CNN reports on the bombing of Uday & Qusay included the following:

Task Force 20 — a military unit formed to hunt for Saddam and his top supporters — led the raid Tuesday morning, U.S. officials said. That unit was backed by 200 troops from the Army’s 101st Airborne Division, along with other Special Forces and air cover, officials said. 

Troops who were involved described the fighting as intense, with moments that seemed “like all hell had broken loose,” according to CNN correspondent Nic Robertson.

In the hours after the raid, members of Task Force 20, the CIA and other U.S. personnel searched the complex for documents and any other information that could locate Saddam.

Master Sgt. Kelly Tyler, a spokeswoman for the 101st Airborne at its headquarters in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, said soldiers at the post were “absolutely proud” and “absolutely giddy.”

The 101st kicks ass,” she said. “The 101st has a proud history of military tradition, and this just adds to that tradition.”

The 101st in the summer of 2003. Photo by Scott Nelson

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