The Elusive Gold Toilet

Yes, Saddam had at least one gold toilet, complete with gold-plated toilet brush. Sadly there aren’t any readily available photos of it. However, here’s someone else’s gold toilet, with a totally subpar seat (if you ask me):



And another one, this time with a proper solid gold seat & lid (the whole commode is valued at $720,000 USD):


You’re not the only one who’s disappointed not to see Saddam’s gold shitter. This guy was totally bummed:

He writes in the photo caption:

VISITING BAGHDAD: Visiting Baghdad We visited the Al Faw Palace. 
for 2 weeks everyone kept talking about how Saddam had gold toilets and how we were going to take a shit on the golden toilet. I mean like everyday someone saying “I’m gonna shit in the gold toilet” or “pee in the gold toilet” … ” puke in it” whatever.
So we get to the palace and ask if we can see the golden toilets.
The guy looks at us like we have 3 heads!!! So we had to get a picture of the NOT golden toilets. Here I am suffering from Disappointed Ass Syndrome!

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