Iraqi Translator, Somewhere Inside of Iraq

Two posts from “Iraqi Translator,” who kept a blog about his experiences with Coalition Forces in Iraq, 2008.


Friday, March 14, 2008I Know They Will Coming Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all my readers,I’m here just to say my mind,i know very well i’ll die here, i know that, and you can read what i wrote in the top of the blog……………….” we are traitors and we are spies”, i never beg you attention to read my blog, or beg your help to pick me up from Iraq, no you are wrong, I’m here for simple reason………………….to live because i never know how to kill and kidnapping people to join to milisha or tearing the neck to join to Al-Qa’da, so i tried to use my mouth to be just like a shadow or machine to translate from this to that.
you believe me or not, i don’t care.
For the cursing people:
I know who are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because don’t forget, i was with you sometime, and i have the truth that you already scared from it.
I have the truth from both sides American/iraqi so i know who i am…….
See you my friends next time if i still live to that time.


Monday, March 10My best Friends…

Working with the American forces relaxed somewhat especially nowadays, but when these forces working with Iraqi forces, this means more complications security.
The general view that says: each work has advantages and disadvantages.
In our work, there were two types of action:
One: there is no mixing with the Iraqis permanently, it is raids and cordon and searches, and this is relatively good, but this work is not for those with weak hearts, often if you are iraqi heart and mind have understanding with the soldiers on the agreed way in raids, some of them, especially with long experience, the Army fully trust them and give them confidence right to speak and express their opinions, and recommendations, and so on, either new entrants to the work, they were two types:
First type, he’ll shocked for the first time, he felt Now the truth in front of him, not as seen on television, and at that moment, relying on his personality, will be asked to transfer to another unit in the hope that the new unit be different.
second type, is originally wanted to retaliate!!!!! Wants to show his allegiance to the Americans, believing him to be sincere in action can be obtained from coarse treatment and severe beatings of Iraqis either with or without cause. This was for the combat units, where most of its troops from young soldiers and sergeants.
There is another kind of work, and we call, advisers, and the team that is working on this subject, fully responsible for the Iraqi forces, whether army troops, or national guards or police, or border troops or special forces, it is important that be their mission and responsibilities associated with iraqi military unit. The advantages of these advisers units to be limited only to practical training then controling , in fact, you will not be in a raid, except in rare cases, because the Iraqi force will be with you, they will do it, and you just give tips for them. The disadvantages from this kind of work, you will be with the Iraqis at least twelve hours a day, and in this case you will be with them always, and this is off course, put yourself in critical positions, Imagine you are walking on the street and someone called you by your nickname What will your reaction at that time !!!!!In both cases, there is no room at all for dispensing with the best friend to the interpreter, that is being Sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!.
Off course my sunglasses my best friend, but should be say here, i have a lot of friends like, my mask, my conduct lenses,and their relatives!!!!!! hair style,eyebrow style!!!!!!!I know you are laughing now,but there is no comment, just join to us and you Will not see what you see in your life, you will see amazing things.See you next post.

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